Monday, March 19, 2012

Where Am I?

I have no idea. It's a topsy-turvy time. After driving through the night we arrived back home  this morning at 6am. Just in time for my wife to shower and head in to work.

Over the course of the last week:

  • I have traveled to three different cities.
  • We left Yogi with his grandparents for the first time overnight! 
  • I spent two nights with my wife (and only her!) in the city where we first met.
  • I went to a salon and now have an actual hairstyle.
  • I spent the weekend with my BFF after the death of her father.
  • I went to an incredibly life-affirming funeral.
  • We realized that Monkey will be here in a matter of weeks. WEEKS!!!!
  • A three week remodeling project began and my house is upside down.
Also, my parents arrive in the morning.

Man, oh man. 


When is Monkey's due date again? Gotta be getting close, right?!

Whew! Hope you can relax a bit before the Monkey arrives. Cute Yogi pic!!

The due date is May 20th, but Yogi came at 37 weeks so I would be surprised if we went that long.

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