Monday, April 2, 2012

Favorites at Nineteen Months

The Zoo. Meerkats and Mingoes (flamingoes) and Lellephants (elephants) and Monkeys. Plenty of room to wander s.l.o.w.l.y. and pick up lots of bark and rocks and leaves along the way. Goats to pet too!

Muffies. Muffins top Yogi's list of favorite foods at the moment. I've been making banana muffins lately and now they are such a hit that I can't stop. Yogi would be crushed. Whenever he gets the slightest bit hungry he shouts "Muffie! Muffie!".

Rocks. It's hard (for me at least) to imagine the appeal, but rocks are a super big deal. He's GOT to pick them up and pile them together when he spots some. I had never noticed that rocks are absolutely everywhere you go, but as the Mama of a Rock Enthusiast, I can assure you that they are. And if you've got to touch everyone you see, you're not going anywhere fast.

Ten Rubber Ducks. We read this book at least twice a day. Somedays we read it back to back to back. He loves to quack with the Mother Duck and her ducklings at the end.

Repeating Words Over and Over and Over Again. There's really nothing else to say about this. I guess it's a toddler thing. Of course there's always the chance that he's just a total nut.

Pig. At some point during the last few weeks, this book has undergone a name change. We have been reading it since Yogi was an infant (mainly because it's short) and I couldn't tell that he cared a thing about it until he began to request it by name, "Pig! Pig!".  Now he wants to point out the pig on every page and he even snuggles up to the cover and says "Seepy (sleepy) pig!"

Puppy Check. Our naked neighbors have three dogs who frequently hang out in their backyard. Tons to look at over there. ;) Two of the dogs are Cocker Spaniels and one is a Viszla puppy. We started noticing the puppies around the time that our own Viszla (Baker) went to live (thank you Jesus!) with the grandparents. As we were walking by those windows I could sometimes say, "Let's check and see if the puppies are out." Yogi was always thrilled to watch them playing. Now he will randomly say "Puppy check!" and point towards that window. How funny is that?! He also usually says "Baker!" when he's pointing at the Viszla. I'm pretty sure that this will lead to one of those mostly forgotten, twisted up memories in which as an adult he's pretty sure that his first dog went to live with the neighbors. The naked neighbors.

Horsies. Hay. During our recent visit with Muzzie and Grandpa he got to spend some time on the farm. He learned about horses and barns and tractors and the fact that horses eat hay. For some reason that I can't follow he LOVES the fact that horses eat hay. During our visit he must have repeated "Horsy. Hay. Horsy. Hay" a gazillion times. Now that we're home he's still talking about it. Not quite as much, but still a lot. It's also his go-to phrase when he's around another kid. "Horsy. Hay!" Just sharing what he knows I guess.


Very cute stuff going on over there!

So adorable! Sounds like he's at an awesome stage of growth and development! =)

LOL. A glimpse at our future!

Sounds like he's a lot of fun. What a great age!

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