Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Loves


Look at that belly! I can't wait to meet Monkey!

Oh my gosh: this photograph. This family, so breathtaking. I'm just so so happy for you. Thanks for sharing this love with us!!! R.

Please tell me that photo is from several months ago. Your wife a month before her due date=me at 5 months!

Mama Bea - I KNOW! If you can believe it, this is SO MUCH more belly than I ever got last time. At least the world notices that she's pregnant with Monkey. I can still remember the look on the woman's face who checked us in at the hospital when she went into labor with Yogi. She couldn't believe that we were 37 weeks.

What a lovely photo! And I have to agree with the others, she's got the cutest little 35 week belly I've ever seen.

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