Sunday, April 22, 2012

Monkey's Room

The plan was to have before and after pictures here, but I've gotten a new laptop and although I thought I had gotten all of my pictures moved I clearly haven't. Great. So I haven't got a before picture, but if I did you would see a big room with walls in rice grain. This was the room where we had office space and Yogi had toys. 

What we have now is a bedroom and a hallway.

This is the door to the Monkey room and the door that you see behind it is the Monkey closet. Yes, this is the paint color that we're still not wild about. It's called Thistle. Love the name, love the swatch, not so sure about the walls.

This is the rest of the room with the new rocking chair. It's a bit hard to tell with the angles, but there is room for a crib or a bed. We're waiting to move the crib into this room until we've moved Yogi into his big boy bed.

This is the hall. I took the picture from the door of Yogi's bedroom (his walls are green) and the other door you see is for the kid's bathroom. The gate swings in front of the stairs. On the right is the door to Monkey's room and on the left is the door to our bedroom.


Looks like you're nearly ready for Monkey's arrival! Not long now!!

I love the paint color! Thistle is such a lovely name, but I'd think of something lighter and more grey. That said, I'm pretty sure the paint namers are in cahoots. The "Gray Day" paint swatch in our bathroom is almost exactly this shade...

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