Saturday, May 12, 2012

At Least We Have Pictures

We can't hold the baby, but thanks to overeager medical professionals we do have pictures*.

Here we have Monkey at 38 weeks and 4 days.

And this is Yogi at 37 weeks and 2 days.

Look at these faces! I love how much they (seem to) look alike. What do you think?

*My wife measured small at our Thursday appointment and the OB sent us for an ultrasound. Although we got lots of great pictures and it was wonderful to see Monkey I was not thrilled to hear that the belly measurement was a bit smaller than all of the other measurements and so the OB wants to follow us more closely. To make sure Monkey is continuing to grow normally. What does it mean to follow someone less than 10 days from their due date more closely? Apparently it means that we'll be back Monday AM for a stress test.


I measured small with HP and he was just fine. It's probably because she's in such great shape and I bet the baby has dropped which makes the measurements less accurate. Oh and I lovvvveeee that pic of yogi!

i thought the belly always gets smaller after the baby drops? mine did at i think 39 or maybe 40 weeks. i remember asking the midwife if it meant he was coming soon. he was. :)

awwww look at the pictures! Yogi looks so precious... Monkey too! And hopefully it's just the baby dropping, and Monkey will be here soon!

So sweet. They do seem to look similar in those photos. Can't wait to see if they do IRL.

Could those babies be any sweeter? I think not. Good luck with the patient waiting from here on out. I know I can't wait for news! :)

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