Friday, May 18, 2012

Introducing Monkey

Here is the newest member of the family. A yawning Monkey on his second day in the world.

Mama and Monkey stealing a snooze.

We got home with the boys this morning and are beginning the process of settling in. So far I'm finding the phrase, "the boys" to have a nice ring to it.


awwwwwww!!! Both of these pics are so cute!!!!! Welcome to the world, Monkey! :)

Congrats! He is so adorable... And I like the sound of "the boys" too. Sounds like y'all will have a ton of fun and mischief on your hands in no time :)

I love saying the boys! That yawning pic is great

Congratulations! He is lovely!!
Hope you're all well.

I am so happy to hear your news. Congratulations! He is just lovely.

I love the yawning shot! So happy he's home!

welcome monkey! he is beautiful :)

Congratulations - he is wonderful.

How adorable! Congrats again!

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