Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yogi the Big Brother

My parents took this picture on his last day of school, which also happened to be the day after he met his little brother.

This guy has been on quite a wild ride this week and I couldn't be prouder of how he's rolling with all of the changes. On Wednesday morning he woke up to find Muzzie and Grandpa had come during the night. Later that afternoon Nana and Pops arrived and soon after Mama came home and everyone loaded up to head to the hospital to see Mommy and meet Monkey.

Muzzie helped him pick some flowers and when he walked into Mommy's room he delivered them proudly. He got to meet Monkey before anyone else did and he ran around the room eating Goldfish (thanks Nana!) and stopping occasionally to rub Monkey's head and say his name over and over. Then we walked out into the waiting room to gather the grandparents and Yogi led everyone back to meet his little brother.

After spending the morning at the library with Nana and Pops, he was enthusiastic about greeting the three of us when we all came home from the hospital. He greeted us with big hugs and immediately grabbed the handle of the baby bucket (chanting "hebe" - translation: heavy) to help walk his brother into the house. When he got inside he started chanting Monkey's name.

I don't have a younger sibling and know nothing of what Yogi is feeling right now. Since getting home yesterday he's had some fussy moments and maybe he's a touch clingier than usual, but I think he's handling it pretty well. We are of course only a few days in. I guess what I'm saying is that I love this guy like C.R.A.Z.Y. and I hope he knows how much his Mommies love him in spite of how so much is changing.


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