Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Day to You!

It's Mama's Day at my house and I couldn't be happier. Although Yogi was here for Father's Day last year, our second parent adoption had not been finalized and I was not yet (in the eyes of the government) his Father. This year I am and I'm claiming the day with gusto.

It's a bit of a challenge to have much of a pampering kind of holiday when you have a not-quite-two year old and a one month old (Happy Month yesterday Monkey!), but it's been fun nonetheless. Yogi offered my first gift this morning by trumpeting "Mama!!!!" from his crib at 5:30. There was no talking him into additional sleep and the morning was a flurry of block stacking, Easter egg hunting (yes, he is STILL trolling the house with a basket filled with plastic eggs), coloring on the porch, and car racing. There will be breakfast in bed one day, right?

We somehow managed to get ourselves dressed and fed in time for a very special church service this morning. A few times each year our church does Child Dedications in which little people are welcomed into the community. The minister says a few words about the family and the congregation pledges their commitment to nurture the spiritual life of the child. This morning was Monkey's morning and he donned a handsome pair of overalls for the occasion. Big brother Yogi was a part of the ceremony and when it was time for the four of us to walk down to the front of the church, he seemed downright proud of his role. He held Monkey's rose while the minister spoke and I was wowed by how confident he was. I think of him as being a bit reserved and even somewhat shy, but there was none of that this morning.

Everyone was eager to meet the baby and after all my crowing about Mama's Day, I got more than a handful of well wishes on my special day. We haven't made it to church since Monkey's arrival and so being there this morning felt even better than it usually does. I really do love that place.

After church we planned to go for brunch at a neighborhood restaurant before nap, but.... when we got there they weren't even open!! Man did that make me feel old. I guess that place is more of a post-hangover kind of brunch. Happily, there is always the bagel shop so we didn't go hungry or have to cook for ourselves.

As I write, both boys are napping. When they wake we'll be headed down to the park for some folk music and food trucks. Mommy and Yogi on the bike and Mama and Monkey in the car - unfortunately it's too far (and hot) for a stroll. We're planning a picnic dinner for Yogi and post-bedtime sushi takeout for ourselves.

There have been very few moments of quiet or solitude today, but I wouldn't want it any other way. My life is louder and more chaotic than I ever imagined it could be, but it's deeply, deeply mine and for that I am grateful.

How does your family approach these gendered parenting holidays? I'd love to know if you've got time to comment. Whatever the answer, I hope you're enjoying this beautiful day!


Happy Mama's Day!

The Bean is still young to understand any holiday, but did (help) make a card at daycare. I love our daycare provider. When she gave it to us she explained that she thought it would be nice for The Bean to give it to a special guy in his life. We've decided Grandpa will get the honour. (On Mother's day we got two gifts from The Bean/daycare.)

We didnt address it at all -RR's daycare had her make a cement round with her handprint which we were so happy to have. I'm not sure how/whether they discussed it at all. I imagine we'll go with a strategy that really celebrates mother's day but looks at father's day sort of like grandparent's day - if you don't have em, you don't celebrate it!

Happy Mama's day! (and yum, food trucks...we love em!) Both of us share Mothers' Day, and on Father's Day, we celebrate our dads/grandfathers. I'm not hugely into these particular holidays, so it doesn't matter all that much to me. And yes, I imagine there will be breakfast in bed some day...a few years from now...

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