Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Triggered & Ready for Action

Last night while having dinner with my boss, my wife headed to the bathroom to play with needles.  Nothing like coming to a nice resturant with a few needles and meds that need mixing.  I am happy to report that the bathroom was a relatively clean one seater, so she didn't have to do the deed in a stall.  At least there is that.

The drugs are (hopefully) working their magic and we will be at the RE's bright and early tmw for egg retrieval.  We are both pleased that this time she will be under anesthesia for the procedure.  We now know that there is only one difference between follicle reduction and egg retrieval: drugs.  Well, she did have a valium for the reduction, but it was not enough.  Hell, I needed to be drugged for that one and I was only a spectator.  This time she will be under and I'm not even sure that I will be able to be in the room.  We'll see.  It doesn't really matter to me as she won't be aware of what's going on anyway.  I won't really be able to offer support since she won't know I'm there.

Hoping for lots of healthy, fertilizable eggs.


Eeeeeeeeeee! So exciting!

OH MY GAWD! She did the "reduction" with nothing more than a valium? Don't get me wrong, I love love love valium but it really doesn't do much for pain. Good luck tomorrow!

Ooh exciting!! We're triggering tonight and doing the retrieval on Saturday morning - yay for drugs is right, I think they should have a little something on hand for us spectators too lol. Good luck!

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