Saturday, March 20, 2010

Introducing My Wife, the Superstar

This morning Bean experienced his first half-marathon.  At just 16 weeks and 2 days the kid is on his way!  I am so proud of my wife.  This time last year she finished first and today she was happy to make it to the end.  Truly.  She is handling all of these changes with a grace that makes me feel so lucky that this woman is my wife.


Very impressive! Great belly shot

Wow, that amazes me! Hope your Bean enjoyed the ride!

sweet jesus, i couldn't finish a half of a half of a half marathon and i'm NOT pregnant!

your wife is my hero!

did you run, too?

Unfortunately I did not run. She is the slowest she will probably ever be and somehow I've gotten slower. How did THAT happen?! Oh right, I gave up running for months! Yeah...

First, that's amazing! A marathon??? Kudos.

Second, we are just days apart and I cannot believe how huge my belly is next to hers! I know there are two but holly hell! Tell her she looks great.

Well, it was a half-marathon, but still.... that's a long way. Speaking of bellies are you going to post belly shots? I'm having a hard time talking my wife into it, but she was willing to pose last weekend (which surprised me), so who knows. I'm just curious about folks who are due around the time we are. I really want her to start showing, but I guess everyone is different.

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