Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Moving Right Along

This morning we had a date with the OB.  After waiting far too long in the waiting room (no surprise there) while Kathie Lee Gifford talked endlessly about some woman gardening topless in Texas (this is news???), we were finally called back.  Bean had no photo shoot at this visit, but everything continues to look good.  At 16 weeks and 5 days, my wife has gained 8 lbs and all of her levels looked good.  Although the midwife almost forgot to do it, the high point of the visit was hearing Bean on the doppler.  A good, steady beat in the 150's.  I love that sound.


Good to hear! Our HB measurements were typically in the 150's, too.

Thanks! Humm.....wonder if that means we are having a boy?! ;)

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