Monday, July 19, 2010

Finally! A Use for the Ironing Board

I bought an ironing board when I took my first post-graduate school job.  It seemed the adult thing to do.  I would soon have a wardrobe that would require ironing and I was definitely too cheap to pay someone to iron my clothes for me.  So.... the ironing board.

In the almost 10 years since its purchase, the ironing board has seen very little use.  It has been moved from state to state (just in case the urge to iron should strike I guess), but a dislike for getting too dressed up, the discovery of Downy Wrinkle Release and a little touch of lazy combined to put the ironing board out of work.

Until today.

First, a little background.  Bean has been feet down for every scan we have had.  Although my wife wasn't thrilled about this from the start, I was sure that the baby had plenty of time to move.  No big deal.  Well, here at almost 34 weeks that little skull right below my wife's rib cage is looking much scarier than it did a few weeks ago.  Bean is doing nothing but getting bigger at this point, and the bigger he gets, the less room he has for movement.  The less chance we have for Breech Bean to magically become Vertex Bean.

Today Dr. Google suggested that one way to move a baby out of a breech position would be to assume  a position like this with the help of an ironing board:

After reading this, I pulled out the old ironing board and encouraged my wife to assume the position.  Luckily, she went for it and in spite of her VERY limited lung capacity she spent about a half an hour in this position.  She can't keep herself cranked up like that for long, but she's been a champ about doing it 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there.  I have no idea if this will work, but I'm hoping for the best.

In the meantime, anyone know any good baby turning methods?


There are tons of methods/suggestions/anecdotal evidence to support a variety of techniques including headstands in a pool, light/sounds down low (near the pubic bone), chiropractic Webster technique, moxibustion/acupuncture, external version with an OBGYN, Rebozo sifting. I'm biased, but maybe consider seeking out a doula that can help you explore these options. Oh, and check out !

Excellent suggestions.From what i hear the acupuncture does work.

Hey girls! I cant believe how close you are. I'll second Joy's suggestion to check out Her inversions are a bit different. I don't think it's on her site, but Gail suggested doing them in a set of seven. It's hard on your brain for a bit but she'll get used to it. Also try find a chiropractor that is trained in the Webster technique. Good luck!

I'm sorry the baby is breech. External versions are so not fun (friends of mine went through it to their dismay). Moxibustion is very strange, but totally worth a try. So is a good chiropractor. I hope something gets that baby turning soon!

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