Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 2 - The Good Old Days

Describe your high school self. What extracurricular activities, if any, did you participate in during high school.

Although I barely survived middle school, high school was a different story.  A new high school opened in my town the year I entered eighth grade.  High school was 9-12 in my area, but my school started with two classes - an eighth and ninth grade group.  The following year we moved forward into ninth and tenth grades and just continued to move upwards from there.  The class ahead of me was our first graduating class.  This school brought together a group of students that were different than the ones I had gone to middle school with and thankfully I found my place among them fairly quickly.

I had the same boyfriend from eighth grade through eleventh when he went to college.  We were very close and he was one of my best friends.  He was the first person that I talked to about the fact that I thought I was gay and his reaction was such a blessing.  He took me seriously, he never made it about him and he didn't talk about it with anyone until I was ready.  The conversation began because I had to tell someone about the way I felt about my other best friend.  A girl.  We had a VERY emotionally intense friendship, but I never told her directly how I felt about her although I'm sure she knew.  We spent five years of our lives connected at the hip.  During the early weeks of college (we went to different schools) a mutual friend told her that I was openly dating women and we never spoke again.

Around school I was primarily known as her friend and his girlfriend.  I was a smart girl who took as many English and Writing classes as I could.  I was in the Flag Corps and I loved being a part of the marching band.  I worked after school and on weekends at a pharmacy.  I was active in the youth group at my Episcopal church.  I was quiet and never without a book.  I was the salutatorian of my class.


Aww, sounds like HS was great for you! Boo on the loss of your bestie. Have you ever looked her up?

That's really hurtful (her silence); I'm sorry that she couldn't be the generous and accepting friend you needed (and deserved) as you were coming out.

He sounds like a great guy! I don't know what I would have done without my best friend when I came out either.

PS- I lost mountains of friends who I considered family when I came out... all from the church where I had volunteered in the youth ministry department for 5 years. It hurts big time but I'm convinced that those people aren't my time anymore.

i also lost my high school bff when i cam out to her freshman year in college, though i wasn't in love with mine. i have since found her on facebook and she's much less judgmental than she was then. we haven't reconnected in RL yet, though.

She sent me a friend request on FB, but when I sent her an actual message she didn't respond. Boo for sure.

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